Travel Risk

Travel Risk

Travel Risk

Many more of us have to travel to foreign climes for work, and travel risks are constantly changing and evolving.

While most foreign trips are usually incident free, it is still important that travellers know what to do if an incident does occur.

For organisations and employers, your duty-of-care to your employees, contractors, expats and volunteer workers means that doing the right thing to safeguard your people, is not just a ‘nice to have’, but a legal requirement.

Ensuring your personnel are informed about the risks they could face and are aware of the behaviours and conduct that can help keep them safe is vital.

Matrix Travel Risk Solutions gives your travellers the confidence to face unfamiliar situations and locations and helps ensure that even small incidents do not escalate into larger crises.

Some of the specific Travel Risk issues we can assist with include:

  • Pre-travel Risk Assessment
  • Pre-travel Preparation
  • In-country Security Awareness
  • Terrorism Awareness, Conduct and Survival
  • Surveillance / Counter-surveillance
  • Dealing With An Incident
  • Kidnap Awareness, Conduct and Survival
  • Cyber Safety
  • Air Travel safety
  • High risk and/or lone Travellers

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