Superyacht Security

Superyacht Security

Superyacht Security

We understand the need to keep guests, the crew and vessel safe, whether on the high seas, at anchor, or in port. We place emphasis on understanding the maritime environment, its risks and resultant threats, whether from crime, piracy or terrorism. This is of growing importance as cruising grounds expand into frontier and uncharted waters.

We offer tailored products to help you manage uncertainty, leveraging privileged sources and proprietary methodologies to deliver original content exactly when you need it. Drawing on our in-house expertise in geospatial analysis, we reliably use threat-based information to forecast when and how a threat will be realised. Through our understanding of local dynamics we are able to evidence proportionate responses to challenges.

All Matrix solutions are Intelligence-led and bespoke to our clients needs. Discretion is absolute and is achieved without compromise to the professionalism of the service. Solutions are built with the client’s needs at the centre, each package of services and measures are tailored to the requirement.

Discretion is absolute and is achieved without compromise to the professionalism of our services which focuses around 3 critical areas, namely: Advisory, Protective Security and Crisis Response.

Matrix solutions are built with the client’s needs at their centre, each package of services and measures are distinctly tailored to the requirement.

Our Superyacht Security services focus on three critical areas:

  • Advisory: Support your new build phase to ensure ISPS-Compliance, access to Maritime Risk Intelligence Platform (MRIP), Live vessel tracking and monitoring and response, and risk assessments to include: vessel, transit route, intended anchorage, port/city/country.
  • Protective Security: Maritime security professionals able to work seamlessly alongside your crew – armed or unarmed, inc surveillance, watch duties, guest security, and crew security escort when in port. Our professionals able to conduct reviews, plan and advise on all aspects of maritime risk – technical and physical. Security Escort Vessel (SEV) provision of a capable SEV when in or transiting areas of high risk such as moving between cruising grounds.
  • Crisis Response: Emergency Support utilising a global footprint/fleet of vessels, over 1500 maritime security professionals, network of maritime relationships and a 24/7 crisis response centre in the UK, enabling reaction to your emergency evacuation needs including Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) response and testing.

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