Reputational Protection

Reputational Protection

Reputational Protection

An individuals or Organisations reputation is hard to win, but very easy to lose.

In todays connected world it is more essential than ever that adequate proactive and reactive reputational protection is available; and then deployed at an appropriate time.

Our most recent experience includes securing injunctions to prevent the misuse of private information and the dissemination of fake news, as well as challenging defamatory content and harassing behaviour; and also defusing personal and corporate disputes

The reputational protection services that Matrix are able to provide encompass both practical, tactical, and legal solutions.

Some of the specific issues we assist with include:

  • Online/social media attacks
  • Press/pre-publication enquiries about personal/corporate affairs
  • Reputation audits and strategy
  • Obtaining, defending and discharging emergency injunctions
  • Blackmail and/or threats to release private/confidential information.
  • Inaccurate KYC/compliance database profiles
  • Content clearance

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