Manned Services

Manned Services

Manned Services

Manned Services is the provision of security guards (also known as a security officer or protective agent) to protect your assets (property, people, equipment, money) from a variety of hazards (waste, unsafe worker behavior, criminal activity) by enforcing preventative measures.

Matrix do this by maintaining a high-visibility presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions, inspecting (either through patrols or by monitoring alarm systems or CCTV) for signs of crime or other hazards (such as a fire), and then taking action to minimise damage (such as warning and escorting trespassers off property), and reporting any incidents, where appropriate.

Matrix will ensure your assets are secure and ensure your employees have a safe place to work, be it a residence, a commercial property, educational, care or leisure site or Government facility.

The provision of Manned Services brings peace of mind and increases performance, morale, motivation and satisfaction to all.

Matrix make the following guarantees surrounding the provision of Manned Services to our clients:

  • Matrix will select the Security Officer that is most suitable to your business or organisation
  • Matrix Security Officers are trained to the highest standards and have the appropriate SIA certification
  • Matrix Security Officers are all physically fit and know how to use technology effectively
  • Matrix Security Officers are all professional and are usually ex-military
  • Matrix Security Officers are reliable and trustworthy, and always identifiable and authoritative.

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