Medical Planning

Medical Planning

Medical Planning

From the familiar and the comfortable, to the rugged and austere; Matrix can provide critical medical planning services across a full range of situations and environments.

When a health crisis occurs, many organisations and employees or contractors are caught off-guard.

It is vital that an Organisation fully understands the implications of medical threats in order to protect its people and operations.

Matrix can provide you with the latest threat information, guidance on how to protect your people, and tools to support those impacted.

Our medical and security specialists provide trusted services to deliver on the specific requirements of our clients, so they can carry-out their operations and travel in safety, safe in the knowledge that they have robust and immediate action plans in place to respond in the event of a medical emergency.

Matrix puts this experience to work for you, in the following key areas and utilising various capabilities, including:

  • Emergency response training
  • Situational briefings and background assessments for identified countries and areas
  • Evacuation planning, procedures and execution
  • Recommendations on how to maximise existing resources
  • Establish risk management protocols and policies
  • Supply chain (including drug and pharma management)
  • Project management & Facilities management
  • Health, safety, and occupational risk advice & mitigation
  • Creative solutions to offset the financial risk of response through utilising our services

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