Services to Government


Services to Government

Aside from dealing with the largest and most damaging pandemic in 103 years, add to this the United Kingdoms exit from the European Union, there is actually much more additional complexity key Government decision makers are faced with.

The constant pressure on budgets and the continuous need for modernization and growth due to advances in technology, and new methods and ways of thinking and adapting to Policy shifts, are just a few of the top level strategic issues key Government decision makers must tackle head on.

Matrix continues to develop new approaches to risk management that ensure delivery of strategic risk services are more effective, this in turn maximizes the benefits to our Government clients and adds dynamism to the provision of our range of public services.

Some of the risks that Government key decision makers must address, are not limited to the following:

  • Covid-19
  • Brexit
  • Supply chain risk
  • Cyber risk
  • Operational risk
  • Climate risk
  • IT risk
  • Physical risk
  • Failure to attract/retain talent

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