Buildings Security

Counter-terrorism Risk Assessment

Buildings Security

In today’s world of multifaceted risks, all organisations (and HNW’s) face physical security risks at every turn. As technology advances at breakneck speed, real threats can come from anywhere. One location you can guarantee is at risk from these threats, is your organisations physical location; be it an office, production facility, warehouse, research & development centre, or stately home.

While many organisations focus on physical and cyber security technologies to counter these threats, physical threats cannot be ignored. Every breach of your physical space, however large or small, has a defined impact upon your organisation; from financial loss, to data loss, reputational impacts, and even the affects upon your own workforces morale.

Whilst traditional security companies provide solutions to control and monitor your physical and/or cyber space, for example, an alarm and CCTV system is a standard solution; Matrix can specifically access a range of advanced standards and technologies that not just protect and monitor, but can enhance your security resilience to a previously unforeseen standard.

Buildings Security considerations can include:

  • Site location and environmental risks
  • Electronic security systems inc Biometrics
  • Door and glazing systems
  • Zoning, access controls and obscuration
  • Security walling, floors and ceilings
  • Protected spaces / secure rooms
  • Placement and security of HVAC
  • Specialist filtration systems
  • Utilities provision and control
  • Tech solutions such as UAV’s and Security Robots
  • Dynamic Identity Management
  • Crisis, Evacuation and Disaster Recovery Planning

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