Close Protection

Close Protection

Close Protection

Close Protection services are not just for the rich and famous, there are numerous risk scenarios where designated close protection services are required.

Our Close Protection specialists come from the elite United Kingdom Special Forces Operations Units and other select branches of HMG.

While Matrix customers are specifically defined as Corporate, NGO and Public Sector; if you do find yourself in a unique risk scenario, we are here to try and assist you.

Matrix customers can rely on our utter discretion in all matters, none of our services are ‘off the shelf’, we design bespoke solutions to bespoke problems.

Close Protection solutions are designed to assess and then address:

  • Type of threat (eg Specific, indirect, conditional etc)
  • Nature of threat (eg Physical, embarrassment, disruptive etc)
  • Extent of threat (eg When, how often)
  • Location
  • Patterns
  • Other targets
  • Physical protection
  • Resolution

For assistance with a Close Protection call us on 0203 781 9300 or email