Security Planning for 2020 European Marathon

Penetration Software Testing for B2B Tech NGO

Hostile Environments training delivered for Corporates & UHNW’s

Crisis response training delivered for corporate global employees

Experienced confidence trickster exposed by investigation

Internal investigation for global software developer

Product contamination resolved for FMCG client

Travel Security provided to Premiership Football teams

Medical Planning and Response delivered for Govt & NGO customers

Political risks for Govt backed infrastructure project

Penetration testing for multi-UK Govt facilities

VIP Armed escort > Houston Texas

High Value Cargo transport, Brussels > Frankfurt

Security Testing completed for London Embassy

Security Planning & staffing for Royal event

Physical extortion resolved for Senior Executive

Case Study: Close Protection

Matrix were introduced by a third party to a Finance Director of a Public Sector organisation in the UK whose organisation had been implicated in a large international criminal case with details being reported in the national press. The client believed that they were under physical and technical surveillance from criminal / rogue actors who believed that they had access to the fraudulent funds reported by the news media.
After initial discussions, the following tasks were put into place:

  • Immediate reassurance to the client and positive actions were taken to secure their state of mind
  • Specialist advice was given on physical security, anti-surveillance and profile
  • Physical security was provided covertly to the client and their close family to ensure no physical contact by the actors
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures were put in place.

This operation was initially planned for 2 weeks of activity, but continued for 6 months with specialist advice on different areas being provided as the situation for the client evolved.

The true value of this operation was in the speed of response provided, Matrix became a trusted advisor and confidant to the client with the ability to source and provide specialist advice as the situation changed.

Close Protection

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