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Medical Planning and Response delivered for Govt & NGO customers

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Case Study: Medical Planning

Matrix personnel have been involved in the planning and delivery of specialist medical emergency risk mitigation procedures for NGO’s and Govt customers. This particular client is a Director of an NGO with a known history of cardiac disease that needed to visit the African continent to see first hand the work they were carrying out, this would take him outside of the ‘Golden Hour’ of medical services response timings.
After initial discussions, the following tasks were put into place:

  • Interview with client representative to understand medical history and ascertain what medical provision was required in an emergency.
  • Planning of a complete Casualty Evacuation process to include:
  • Identified & visited appropriate medical facilities within host country
  • Client security team briefed on evacuation procedure and roles / responsibilities within the plan
  • Identified & visited appropriate medical facilities within host country
  • Medical intervention at point of emergency as required (Doctor accompanied client with Defibrillator & Cardiac drugs)
  • Air recovery planning (Fixed Wing & Rotary) from site of emergency to host country medical facility
  • Onward travel back to First World medical facility (London)

The client approved these procedures and also added a secondary task which was for the Matrix team to be on standby in London to recover the client in the event of a medical emergency once phase one of the business tour was complete, but this ws not required during the second phase of the tour as the host country could provide adequate medical services and emergency response and stabilisation.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also seen the need for medical services become more prevalent in relation to the provision of medical mitigation services and responses in place for isolation and recovery from the disease – March to July 2020 the provision of a full medical team and ventilators for this client was also provided.

Medical Planning & Response

Medical Response