Asset Protection: Multi-Family Office – Q2/21

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Asset Protection Multi-Family Office

Due to increased threat levels in the UK & Europe and a number of recent security incidents where high-profile individuals and celebrities had been specifically targeted, a Multi-Family Office determined that it required a comprehensive asset protection and operational resilience solution for the Family members and the Executive team.

The Client

A European based Multi-Family Office with history dating back more than 200 years and with public-facing, highly visible family members.

The Challenge

The consensus within the Executive team was that they may be exposing their high-profile family members to security risks and were increasingly concerned that the existing approach may not represent ’best practice’. The Family Office aspired to implement a complete security framework to manage operational resilience and asset protection, ensuring a congruent approach be adopted with the family members.

The Solution

The Head of Security engaged Matrix Risk Solutions who carried out an initial gap analysis, in order to plan for, and then deliver, an end-to-end asset protection solution ensuring a discreet and unemphatic posture was factored into the delivery strategy.

After completing a full security audit and review, amongst a number of recommendations, was the creation of an elite bespoke Protective Security team using the highest-level qualified staff with backgrounds in Royal Diplomatic Protection, Counter-terrorism, the Military and the Intelligence Services.

The newly formed Protective Security team ensured that family members were not only protected, but this was carried out discreetly and effectively. Providing highly trained and experienced staff with a calm and considered approach to security matters, was one of the key reasons the Family engaged with Matrix Risk Solutions, as well as providing a completely transparent cost model right from the outset.

Asset Protection security measures can take many forms, a selection of the considerations under review in this scenario were: Residential Security, Asset Tracking, Close Protection, Cyber Security, Physical Security Technologies, Technical surveillance countermeasures, Penetration Testing, IP, Trademark and Brand protection.

Family Office Asset Protection

The Outcome

The provision of an elite and effective team of security personnel has enabled the Head of Security at the Family Office to focus on strategic objectives, whilst having peace of mind that the day-to-day security and operational requirements of the Family members are being delivered by the very best levels of expertise in the security industry.

Each day Matrix Risk Solutions elite security staff operate with the Families safety and reputation as their top priorities. Having highly trained and experienced staff with the family day-in, day-out, means the family now has constant onsite security solutions and dynamic risk assessments, along with experienced problem-solvers to hand, who also add additional value by assisting with challenges unrelated to security.

About Matrix Risk Solutions

Established and staffed by former members of United Kingdom Tier-1 Special Operations, Intelligence Service Officers, Lawyers and Business Process Management professionals.

Our world-class risk and security experts are able to identify, assess and understand complex risks, scenarios and events; we then draw upon a wide range of capabilities in order to design appropriate and deliverable bespoke risk solutions, for key decision makers.

“ The Matrix Risk Solutions team are highly efficient, personal, and have the requisite backgrounds. They provide us with a full range of private client security services which are tailor made to our needs. We benefit particularly from their joined-up approach, meaning we rely on one very efficient service without having to engage a variety of Security providers. “ Head of Security, Multi-Family Office

If you would like further information or to discuss how the Matrix Risk Solutions team can assist with Asset Protection, contact us.

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